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I read the news today OH PRUNELLA!

It took more than “Wheaties” for this Publisexual (the late, great and much-missed Richard Rouilard’s ever-useful term) to create THIS


For months an obsession of the tabloids and now “His Face For The World To See” on TV. Make no mistake, Bruce Jenner has no more to do with the lives of the transgendered (who face parental rejection, job loss and murder on a daily basis) than these dudes


have to do with those gays who can’t afford rooms at their “exclusive” hotel-cum-doll’s-house.


where they recently held a fund-raiser for arch-‘phobe Ted Cruz.


Admirably “Broadway Cares” cancelled an AIDS fund-raising event it planned to stage there. We don’t need the “help” of those who would collaborate with our enemies.

But that won’t deter these KAPOS.

Make no mistake — this isn’t mere “internalized homophobia.” The thing we must never forget is the role money and class plays in this culture. The wealthy have never had any trouble with their queer children. Send them to Europe the way James Merrill’s family did. Out of sight, out of mind.
Out of pocket.


The Merrills (as in “Merrill-Lynch”) are obviously a tad more decorous than the middle-class and poor who would toss their queer offspring into the streets. The Gay Rights movement CAME from the streets. The Stonewall kids didn’t have trust funds. They had NOTHING.


They fought the cops and the system and thereby made things ducky for gays and lesbians who wanted nothing to do with them. Said gays and lesbians now run the HRC — which is as much about the class to which it belongs as the Log Cabinettes


The Cabinettes are of course are the biggest leeches off the triumph of a political movement they despised. Consequently it should be no surprise that the owners of the GAY KAPO Hotel adore Ted Cruz –who proposed TWO pieces of anti-LGBT legislation after meeting with them. It’s part and parcel of his Presidential campaign.

As for Bruce (trans)Jenner (seen here on his way to RNC HQ)

he is at heart no different.

“Neither political party has a monopoly on understanding.” Interviwer Diane Sawyer then encouraged JHer (him) to consult House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about advocating for transgender issues in Congress. Jenner agreed, saying: “I think they would be very receptive.”
The offices of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the National Republican Party did not return Newsweek’s requests for comment.

Cha cha-cha.

Like Reisner and Weiderpass Jenner is in thrall to a party that despises those of his kind without money or class standing.The whole Log Cabinette ideal relates to this as exemplified by their insistence that the party is “for lower taxes” meaning “we get to keep our money.” That’s “Gay Liberation” for them — Money.

The greatest horror these creatures have is that some of “their” tax money might make its way to help LGBTs who are “not our sort.” That’s what it’s all about — and always has been.

Right Babs?