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That’s the name of the film-within-the film of Francois Truffaut’s Day For Night starring the lovely and brilliant actress Jacqueline Bisset

I’m “sampling” it the better to deal with the hideous, murderous whore Pamela Geller


Here’s her Even-More-Evil-Twin Megyn Kelly, celebrating her most recent Jihaad with fellow-thugs Rich Lowery and Alan Dershowitz

“Now I don’t want to make any comparisons with Martin Luther King” says Dershowitz — who then proceeds to do so. His claim that Muslims are “the one group that threatens to kill you if you disagree with them” clearly indicates his giving a blind eye to White American racists.
“Jews and Christians don’t threaten to kill Farrakhan.” No of course not. Jews are far too busy killing Palestinians.

“What’s going on in Mosques today? Deshowitz asks. What’s going on in Israel?

I’m sure Ayelet Shaked will be on “Real Time” real soon.

“Do we not have the right to draw whatever we want?”

Do we have the right to shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theater?

Bill Maher says yes. And hideously suited neo-fascist Will Cain chimes in with “We need to shock them out of their hatred.”

You mean the way we have to “Shock” White cops out of their hatred for black Americans?

“Why don’t we get on the side of those Muslims? asks the man who devotes countless hours of his show to claiming ALL Muslim want to kill those not affiliated with that religion.

Why doesn’t Bill Maher marry Pam Geller? They would make a perfect couple. Or would Ann Coulter take him out if he did?

And now in the spirit of that which Kelly, Maher and Dershowitz claim to support Garret Morris will sing us out.