Daily Archives: May 13, 2015


Surely the HOT MAN-ON-MAN ACTION is not in dispute.

Jonathan Groff filmed his fair share of sex scenes during his time on the recently-cancelled ‘Looking’, but it seems that as well as wearing out our screenshot button, the show’s sexual escapades actually served to educate people about the finer mechanics of gay sex.
Speaking to ‘Metro’, the 30-year-old revealed that many of his friends had no idea that gay men could have sex face-to-face until they saw his saucy scenes broadcast.

“I had a lot of liberal artist friends that told me they didn’t know gay people could have sex facing each other until they saw our show. I think: ‘Wow! It’s interesting you didn’t know that gay men can look at each other in the eyes when they have sex.’

“It’s an emotional thing that they didn’t believe to exist.”

And that’s not all they don’t know. Right Ira?

The Babe-a-licious Mr. Groff will sing us out.