Daily Archives: June 4, 2015


Here’s the rapist (lower right hand corner) and his Hunting Ground.

And here are his enablers explaining it all away.

Well there now. As you can see it was really nothing at all. Just “inappropriate touching.” Josh
“touched them over their clothes” so “None of them were aware of Josh’s wrongdoing” because “They were asleep.” Moreover “Nothing ever happened like that in the girl’s bedrooms.”

Apparently if a bed were present it would be somehow worse. That’s why “This was not rape or anything like that.” See?

Yeah, right.

As for informing the authorities “The law allows for parents to do what’s best for their child.”
Oh I see. So if Mommy and Daddy approve of Sonny Boy fucking his sister’ it’s really a “family affair”


And don’t you love it when Megyn Kelly says she’s “avoid (mentioning) the age” of the youngest rape victim though noting it was “single digit”

Of “digital penetration”?

What matters to the rape enablers is “That their hearts were safe”

Well he didn’t fuck them in the heart y’know.

What matters in this whole dog and pony show is Michelle looking up at Jim Bob wih rapt adoration.


So Reaganesque.


So much like The Scottish Play

Take it away El Gallo!