Victim Envy

As you’ve doubtless heard opponents of Marriage Equality have been Bitchin and Moaning To Beat The Band over Obergefel ,lest they be accused of being (clutch those pearls like there’s no tomorrow) “BIGOTS!”

Well fear not, scumbags for the ever-thoughtful Catholic Church has created a PSA just for you !

Well now isn’t that special.

And is that’s not enough, Pope “Who am I to judge?” sez

Not that there isn’t Trouble in Prelate Paradise –

Yes, it’s an all-too familiar scenario.


Plus –



No wonder they’re so testy towards the Out and Proud


Of couse there’s another way of looking at this.

a fortiori there’s the historical record to deal with — or slap away.

Surely the facts are not in dispute


The sexual scandal of Marcial Maciel involved accusations that he sexually abused minors and fathered children. Marciel was a Mexican priest and the leader of the Legion of Christ for many decades. The scandal was linked with the wider series of Catholic sex abuse cases affecting the Catholic church. There were criticisms that investigations by church authorities were slow, perhaps because Maciel was close to Pope John Paul II and had well-placed connections amongst senior clergy.
In March, 2010, the Legion of Christ in a communique acknowledged that “reprehensible actions” by Maciel, including sexual abuse actually happened. The communique stated that “given the gravity of his faults, we cannot take his person as a model of Christian or priestly life.” The Legion had long denied allegations, and since 2006 had not made any official statement one way or the other.

Catholic hysteric Roland Joffe ( of Chariots of Eggs fame) even made a film supporting the creep — which didn’t of course mention his crimes.

It bombed at the box office. Surely he could have taken a less “controversial” tack to profess Catholic fealty.

Right Tom?

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