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No, not the Tracy & Hepburn programmer.

The Hucklebuck moral imperative.

So to be “in a committed relationship” means “meeting the needs of the partner” without loving them.
Cause love is just a lot of “sentimental” nonsense.

No wonder Huck is such a supporter of Josh Duggar.


Josh is in a “committed relationship” with all the women in his family (and has clearly fathered several children his parents have claimed as theirs.) He isn’t encumbered by loving any of them.


No wonder he’s committed to seeking sex outside the home. As long as love doesn’t cramp his style he’s OK by Huck.

Clearly this is ever-so-much more moral than Steve and Jeff.


Cause as we all know, Steve’s just a sentimental old fool.

Huck, meanwhile, luxuriates in his Loveless Marriage.


Rather like Old-Fashioned Prison Stripes don’t you think?

Hey Huck, get with it — Orange is the New Black.


These African-American gentlemen will sing us out.