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Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose, n’est ce pas?

That’s a speech from


a play


wrote for the 1960 Broadway season, where it was a great success. In 1964 an equally successful film was made of it that Eugene scripted and produced. A delightful “comedy of political manners” it has been revived on Broadway several times since. And in light of the current political tsunami it deserves to be referenced once again. Eugene wrote it out of his own observations of political conventions which, back in the day were the place that respective parties nominated their candidates. That doesn’t happen anymore. Nor do we have televised dust-ups like the one that took place in 1968 between Eugene and Marie Antoinette anymore

And instead of Eugene’s “Joe Cantwell” we’ve got a Noxious Pustule in a Cheap Wig


fear-mongering over Mexicans instead of Communists. And acting like a cleaned-up rendition of “Fred C. Dobbs”

Oh how one longs for the savoir faire of Lee Tracy — who played con-man after con-man in the thirties


and originated the role of the President both on stage and screen in The Best Man


He was dying when he made the movie. But he was a consummate trouper and gave it his all just as he did years before in The Half-Naked Truth.

Speaking of which — Hit It Lupe!