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Such a shame Patricia Highsmith isn’t around to enjoy this High/Low comedy.

Huma Abedin, a close confidante for years of the Democratic presidential campaign front-runner, in the morning entered a closed-door interview of undetermined duration with the panel.
After she went in, Democratic Representative and panel member Elijah Cummings came out and said summoning Abedin raised the question of whether the panel is “a taxpayer funded effort to derail the (presidential) candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”
He said Abedin, who is the vice-chairwoman of Clinton’s campaign, had no responsibilities related to the tragedy the committee was set up to investigate. Abedin’s appearance came less than a week before Clinton is to appear before the panel.
Organized originally to probe the 2012 attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, the committee has been under attack by Democrats, who say it is a partisan investigation unleashed by the Republican-majority House.

The fact that Huma “had no responsibilities related to the tragedy” is of little interest to the committee — not to mention our famously “Free Press.”

And there’s a very simple reason for that.

In mid 2007 rumors started to circulate about Huma Abedin a stunningly beautiful staffer working for Hillary Clinton. The wagging tongues of Washington asked logical questions about Huma. “If Hillary is bisexual (as had long been thought and occasionally uttered in public), what is the nature of her relationship with the dark eyed enchanting Abedin, a young lady from a strict Muslim family?”

IOW, the committee wants to know what Hillary’s cooze tastes like — from someone who has allegedly dived into that muff.

“Is the fact that Huma was never seen twice in the same designer outfit and lived in a $649,000 condo explainable because she was trading sexual favors with Hillary for a fabulous lifestyle?” “If so what does that make Huma?”

It makes her Therese

Right Pat?