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That’s what sleepy-eyed, “soft-spoken,” Chocolate Chauncey Gardiner does in his Press The Meat interview.

Here it is in full:

His opposition to abortion even in cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother will doubtless startle all but believers the mythical itinerate rabbi-cum-flesh-eating-zombie what stands out in it most for me is is a passing aside that’s noted HERE

He has been open about the fact that he was not always a model student, and struggled with anger issues as a child. As a teenager, he tried to stab a friend during an argument over which radio station to listen to, but the knife hit hid friend’s belt buckle and snapped instead.

Oh I can see it all now.

He writes in Gifted Hands about how he prayed after the incident and it changed his life.


After that, he went on to Yale University and University of Michigan for medical school.

No ore knives for Ben? How uncharacteristic of a Negro.


Surely if Ben approves of guns he’s also in favor of the “open carry of knives.” Right Macheath?


Cue Marianne Faithfull