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Yes I’m still posting about “Gentle” (Knife-wielding) Ben.And his ceaseless cascade of Outright Fucking Lies


This is quite length clip — and on The Joe “Dead Intern” Show of all places. But it’s worth watching attentively.

Can we evoke “The Principle of the Stopped Clock”? For while “Dr. Ben” is a Low-Hanging Fruit Loop what comes through this clip is the admission that our famously “Free Press” is lazy, stupid and easily played.

What remains to be seen is whetherJoe’s going to do anything about this — which I doubt.

That “The News” is corrupt is scarcely news

Moreover said corruption is not without it’s “Moral Center”

a fortiori bi-polar paranoids can “strike a chord”

But one chord does not a symphony make — though we still imagine there to be 4th Estate Philharmonics.

How sweet. How naïve. This is after all the era of Media Lapdogs


Recall how those “brave reporters”–


became mere Hollywood Fodder


The real story was better told HERE

But let’s not end on a cynical note.

Hit it Kids!