Daily Archives: January 8, 2016

Sincerely Yours


Let us begin with the McGuire sisters, and their greatest hit.

Phyllis McGuire was sincerely in love with Sam Giancana


a mobster who wasn’t as deeply involved with Phyllis as she probably imagined.

In point of fact he, uh shared another of his girlfriends with President Kennedy.


leading of course to all manner of fodder for the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Industry

Great numbers of people believe all manner of total nonsense about that.

And as always the validity of the claim is of less important to the “Mainstream Media” than how “deeply” the claim is believed. This “depth” crap is at the heart of this exchange between President Obama and a man who should know better — but on this occasion, doesn’t.

Got that? “A lot of people really believe this deeply.” So? There are a lot of people who believe life on earth began only 6 million years ago. Are we supposed to cater to their nonsense? Alas we do.

And what does the Bible actually say?

But hey we can’t stand in the way of “Religious Freedom” can we? A FAUX News Closet queen explains it all for you

So get with the program Coop!

Conrad Birdie will sing us out.