Daily Archives: January 20, 2016

This is Sean Penn


This is Cher


Both are Oscar-Winning actors; respected by the industry and popular with audiences.

The difference is Cher is supposed to be a Big Fluffy Entertainer with nothing on her mind save her latest wig, while Sean is supposed to be a Deeply Serious Person committed to causes of great consequence.

Sean and Cher have been in the news lately in a major way. He for his interview Mexican drug-lord “El Chapo”


And she because of the Poisoned water in Flint Michigan


Here’s Sean –

Admirable that he owns up to his failure. But what was he expecting. If you want to make a statement or start a conversation about what’s commonly referred to as “The Drug War,” talking to “El Chapo” is looking at the problem through the wrong end of the telescope.

What Penn should have lent his talents to(such as they are) is interrogating legal officials as to why certain drugs are outlawed while others are not. This disparity is why ts possible for certain communities to be target as “criminal” and put in our prisons while others “get treatment” and a slap on the wrist. No fair guessing as to how to distinguish one from the other.

These days the problem of drug addiction is especially acute as new legal drugs like Vicodin
have come along


Far more powerful and far more addictive than heroin, Vicodin has cut a path of destruction across America’s upper crust that is quite without precedent.

Heroin meanwhile has gone down in price and up in “quality.” Being plentiful there’s no reason to “cut” it. Consequently in some neighborhoods “street heroin” is cheaper than cigarettes.

One of its most notable recent victims is Phillip Seymour Hoffman


who was doubtless no stranger to Vicodin either. In his last days Hoffman was reported to be running around New York buying up as much “smack” as he could. This clip from one of his last films Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead looks like a documentary now

Now as to Cher –

See how it works Sean? An easily comprehended problem — and a simple forthright action to help solve it.

And this is (one of the many reasons) why I want CHER FOR PRESIDENT!