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And we all know what that means. Right Jonny?

Surely the facts are not in dispute

Internet aggregator Matt Drudge sure has become a generous man after 20 years as the left’s whipping boy and the conservative right’s digital voice.
Drudge last week gave away half of his real estate holdings in the far south Miami suburb of Redland.

Miami-Dade County property records show longtime area dweller Drudge, 49, gifted a 4,600-square-foot house on 4.5 acres of shrubs and woods he bought in January 2013 for $700,000 cash.
If you believe the quitclaim deed that appeared in records Jan. 15, the founder of The Drudge Report surrendered the property that’s adjacent to his $1.45 million homestead to a man with whom he shared the same addresses for the past 11 years.

How very –


The lucky new homeowner was identified as Juan Carlos Alvarado, 55.

No, not the Latino Pop singer.

He did have to pay Drudge a grand total of $10, the paperwork shows.
Florida state records show Alvarado once held a real estate license and has lived alongside Drudge in a Collins Avenue condo, a $1.57 million house in the Venetian Isles in Miami Beach and, finally, on Southwest 157th Avenue, where Drudge has been assembling land.
Neither the newsman nor Alvarado returned calls and text messages for comment

But we’ve got Dusty!