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Blanche never met THIS CREEP


In his 30s, when he was a lawyer mulling his next move, Mr. Cruz sought out wealthy financiers who were major benefactors to gay-rights causes. His campaign for Texas attorney general in 2009 was aided with $250,000 from Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal, and he persuaded Mr. Singer to donate $25,000. (Mr. Cruz withdrew when his boss at the time, Attorney General Greg Abbott, sought re-election.)

Cha Cha-cha.

Mr. Cruz continues to rely on Mr. Thiel’s generosity and describes the venture capitalist, who is gay, as a close friend. He has been a guest at two lavish conferences Mr. Thiel hosts for up-and-coming conservative leaders, one in Miami Beach at the Setai, where rooms top $1,000 per night, in 2008, and another at the Reynolds Plantation in Georgia in 2009.


A person who attended the Miami Beach gathering described the retreats as brainstorming sessions on the future of the American right involving people who were more centrist-minded than fire-breathing conservatives.

We can feel the heat from that Miami FIRE DOWN BELOW!


Attendees included young Republicans who were considered rising stars at the time, including Eric Cantor, who would become House majority leader, and Aaron Schock, the former Illinois congressman who would later resign amid revelations of campaign finance impropriety.



Ping! and PING!

Mr. Thiel was also a major supporter of Mr. Cruz’s 2012 Senate campaign, giving $2 million to the Club for Growth, which in turn spent heavily on Mr. Cruz’s behalf. And Mr. Cruz invoked their friendship at a fund-raiser last April at the home of two hoteliers whose properties cater to a gay clientele.

I’m sure we all recall Cruz and this Gay Greedhead.


A rabid libertarian, Thiel has funded a campaign to create floating city-state islands where corporations could operate free of international regulations.



And leave us not forget that La Cruz’s Self-Loathing Gay appeal has a Latino component

Isn’t the right Jeannie?