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After the tumult of Chicago, Drumpf finds a safe haven in Dayton Ohio

Or Does He?

Secret Service agents needed to join Donald Trump on stage during his rally in Ohio on Saturday, only a day after he canceled an event over safety concerns.
Shortly after mocking a protester who was being escorted out of the event in Dayton, Ohio, four Secret Service agents jumped onto the stage and surrounded Trump as someone appeared to be trying to reach the stage.
“I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree?” Trump said to the cheering crowd.

Note that “someone appeared to be trying to reach the stage.” They can’t be sure. But with Drumpf the Secret Service doesn’t leave anything to chance, as it so frequently does with President Obama — being so lax as to allow obviously ill-intentioned flotsam ad jetsam to wander into the White House and loiter for lord knows how long before collaring them.

I suspect, however that Drumpf has much to fear from this “fan.”


A distaff Rupert Pupkin I venture.

As Rachel points out, Drumpf ceaselessly spurs his followers to violence

So he should expect “Blowback.”

What he should not expect is to be elected POTUS. Yes he dominates the “Mainstream Media” 24/7. Easy to see why. He’s dirt cheap programming. Keep those cameras running and the minutes fly by like hours.

But be careful where they’re set up. Major cities like Chicago are “dangerous” for “The Donald.” Whereas Dayton Ohio. . .

Take it away Randy!