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“Cause if you don’t I’ll have Corey Lewandowski BREAK YOUR FUCKING ARM!!!!! ”

Donald Trump says he is considering legal action in response to a recent battery charge against campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.
“Frankly, this is not a claim that should have been made,” Trump told ABC News’ David Muir on “Good Morning America” this morning
Lewandowski was arrested on Tuesday morning for allegedly grabbing former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields following a Trump event earlier this month. Trump dismissed the incident as “very minor,” saying that “practically nothing happened.”

“I’m sure there will be a counter-claim coming down the line,” Trump added. “Should I file charges against her because she touched my arm as well?”

Here’s Michelle Fields


Here’s her arm


In the wake of the incident, Breitbart — the wingnut website she works for — has hung her out to dry, because they support Drumpf.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the media –

So True!


Or is that being “unfair” (Drumpf’s favorite word) to Five Year-olds?

And now to sing us out with the ultimate Drumf defense — Paul Lynde