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Looks like Patient Less Than Zero has awakened from his 14 month Disco Nap

Ah yes. “The Left has gone so far to the Left. . . it’s Neo-Marxist” — whatever that means.

And Ta-Neisi Coates


is “despairing.” Oh really? Oh really? As I point out HERE Coates view of the LGBT communities is most enlightened. That’s undoubtedly what rankles Sully whose rank self-hatred has made him so popular with the likes of Tweety Matthews and his ilk


My Two Cents on Sully first appeared on the “SF Gate” before taking permanent residence on my website

Here’s Richard Goldstein’s take on the matter

And here’s Cliff Rothman in “Salon” who claims I attacked Sully out of “pique”


The one and only time I came face to face with Patient Less Than Zero was at the first meeting of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association in San Francisco in 1992. It was quite an occasion climaxed by Michelangelo “outing” the fact that Sully and his then-boyfriend had a time-share on Fire Island with Pete Williams, pet faggot to Dick Cheney — who kept his job at the Defense Department while LGBT’s were shit-canned from the military after the Iraq invasion. Now he’s NBC’s Supreme Court correspondent. As for Sully, he regarded me in 92 with a look of loathing I hadn’t seen since travelling below the Mason-Dixon line. Duly noted. And therefore no surprise to find him promoting racist Charles Murray


What’s next for the Blogger known as “Smalltown Boy” ?

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