Un-Speed At Any Safe


In the four years before his marriage to Mary Todd, Abraham Lincoln lived, and even shared a bed, with a friend named Joshua Speed. There exists no evidence of a sexual bond between the two men, but in deference to the identity politics raging in today’s university, the Harvard English professor John Stauffer has suggested otherwise. Sean Wilentz, among the most distinguished of American historians, and the one who comes closest to helping Americans understand themselves in the spirit of Richard Hofstadter, will have none of it. “Stauffer’s rehearsal of the old Speed story,” he writes, “illustrates the difference between a historian and a professor with an agenda.”

so goes the opening graph of an NYT Book Review of a new book, certain to make Sean’s father


turn over in his grave — for reasons my husband outlines HERE

Let’s unpack the gobbledegook perpetually perpetrated by the Heterosexual Dictatorship (Christopher Isherwood’s ever-useful term) shall we?

There exists no evidence

What, praytell, would constitute “evidence”? Many scholars have found love letters between Abe and Josh– which the HD has of course rejected via blather about “Men wrote to each other in that sort of way back then but it didn’t mean what you think it does.”

Yeah, right.


As I have pointed out HERE Larry has had quite a lot to say about the SCREAMINGLY OBVIOUS Abe and Josh love affair in his book The American People (whose second volume I await with overwhelming antici-


but in deference to the identity politics raging in today’s university

“Identity politics” meaning anything dares to break with the HD in any way shape or form. Universities, being seats of learning are therefore suspect. The kids could “get ideas” threatening the HD. And we can’t allow THAT to happen, can we boys and girls?

the old Speed story

The Perfect Put-Down: This is “Old News”. Nothing to see here folks — keep moving.

the difference between a historian and a professor with an agenda.”

As if historians don’t have agendas.

Of course they do. That’s why historians were created– to push the agenda of the Status Quo — especially the HD.

The rest of us — those who haven’t been conned — know the Truth.

And some of us even sing about it.

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  1. Kirk May 22, 2016 11:28 am 

    Lincoln, commonly thought of as our greatest president, was preceded by James Buchanan, a man historians rank as one of our worst. However, the two did have this in common: latter-day speculation that they were gay. Such speculation about Buchanan has never been as controversial as it is about Lincoln, probably because he is ranked so low. Only history’s losers can be gay seems to be the thinking.

    Anyway, if it’s true about Lincoln and Buchanan–and I hope it is–then that’s two gay presidencies IN A ROW, right in the middle of the 19th century. Imagine that!

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