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“It’s the one thing with her, whether it’s Whitewater or whether it’s Vince Foster or whether it’s Benghazi. It’s always a mess with Hillary.”

It’s always a pursuit of the Clintons — which has been going on for years. “Whitewater” is the overall name for a series of “investigations” instigated to get the Clintons on something. Out of it came “Travelgate” (her perfectly legal firing of a group of employees) “The Rose Law Firm” (where she worked quite legally) “The Mena Airport” (where the Clintons were supposed to be smuggling drugs) and fin ally ending with his impeachment for getting a blow-job


“He knew everything that was going on and then all of a sudden he committed suicide.”

Which is what the vast army of Conspiracy Theorists have said and will continue to say with their dying breath

“I don’t bring [Foster] up because I don’t know enough to really discuss it… I don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair.”

“Fair”? What’s “fair” in politics?

You want to talk about Vince Foster? Ask Dan Burton


Burton said, in 1998 of Bill Clinton, “If I could prove 10 percent of what I believe happened [regarding the death of Vincent Foster], he’d be gone. This guy’s a scumbag. That’s why I’m after him.” Burton led the House inquiry into the death of Vincent Foster, whom he believed was murdered and urged extensive investigation into the possible involvement of the Clintons. Burton gained attention for re-enacting the alleged crime in his backyard with his own pistol and a watermelon standing in for Foster’s head.

Like THIS!

And when it comes to watermelons don’t forget this David Letterman tribute

After hearings into Democratic fundraising (see section below) began, a Democratic National Committee staffer appeared in a pumpkin suit with a button that read, “Don’t shoot.” Burton’s information during the Whitewater controversy was based on opposition research conducted by Floyd Brown, who founded Citizens United in 1988. Due to problems with the quality of Brown’s research and testimony, the investigation was closed.

But Hillary Hysterics have never allowed themselves to be confused by the facts.



Vincent Walker “Vince” Foster, Jr. (January 15, 1945 – July 20, 1993) was a Deputy White House Counsel during the first few months of President Bill Clinton’s administration. Before that he was a partner at Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, and a colleague and friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton. At the White House he was unhappy with work in politics and spiraled into depression. According to official sources he committed suicide.

Foster’s death was concluded to have been a suicide by inquiries/investigations conducted by the United States Park Police, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the United States Congress, Independent Counsel Robert B. Fiske, and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The FBI “was requested by the United States Park Police (USPP), Washington, DC to assist them in their […] investigation” of the death of Vincent Foster. The FBI also participated in the investigation by Independent Counsel Robert Fiske where, with Fiske’s attorneys “agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) questioned 188 persons and reviewed and analyzed thousands of documents.”

Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr relied on “experienced investigators with extensive service in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).” By using the FBI, the Office of Independent Counsel employed “the very agency it [was] designed to be independent from, the Justice Department.” The final Report states “The investigation under the auspices of…Mr. Fiske was little more than an FBI investigation. Publicly available official federal government records indicate that throughout the 16 day U.S. Park Police investigation into the case, FBI participation was significant. The official final Report on the death of Vincent W. Foster consists of two volumes and is 137 pages. The appendix of the report states, “The publicly available federal government record upon which the Fiske Report is based is replete with evidence that the FBI concealed the true facts surrounding Mr. Foster’s death.”

United States Congressional hearings did not investigate the circumstances of Vincent Foster’s death and specifically confined the Foster death inquiry to whether the White House was guilty of “improper conduct” during the course of “the Park Service Police investigation into the death.”

After a three-year investigation, Starr concluded that Foster’s death was a suicide. CNN stated on February 28, 1997, “The Starr report refutes claims by conservative political organizations that Foster was the victim of a murder plot and coverup,” but “despite those findings, right-wing political groups have continued to allege that there was more to the death and that the president and first lady [Bill and Hillary Clinton] tried to cover it up


This clashes with the “Hillary’s a Lesbian!” meme, but when have Republican wingnuts made any sense?

On May 2, 1999, the Washington Post published new details on the pursuit of a Vincent Foster conspiracy in an article by David Brock, a key figure in the Troopergate and Whitewater scandals whose disillusionment with the political corruption motivating what would come to be known as the Arkansas Project ended his lifelong commitment to the Conservative movement and facilitated public dissemination of insider details on G.O.P. machinations. The article explains how Brock was “summoned” to a meeting with Rex Armistead in Miami, Florida at an airport hotel. Brock claims that Armistead laid out for him an elaborate “Vince Foster murder scenario” – a scenario that he found implausible.


Brock did a political 180 — from Hillary Hater to Hillary Supporter — largely because his right-wing enablers turned on him for being gay.

In an interview for Salon.com in 2000, Brock also revealed that he and Armistead received funding throughout Clinton’s two terms in office from Richard Scaife for the initiative known as the Arkansas Project. The Project aimed to discredit the sitting President and First Lady through investigations into a range of issues that could potentially prove problematic for the couple, from rehashed drug smuggling allegations to their long-standing relationship with Foster and other professionals/officials in Arkansas.

But Fosterama continues unabated on the right.

Another prominent reporter to have received funds from Scaife was – a former writer for the Scaife-owned Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (and later founder of NewsMax). Eventually, Scaife became the third-largest stockholder of Ruddy’s Newsmax; and both NewsMax and the WorldNetDaily continued to publish materials that showed the Clintons in a negative light.
Ruddy also enjoyed the backing of Joseph Farah and Farah’s organization, the Western Journalism Center. This group supplied him with “additional expense money, funding for Freedom of Information Act requests, legal support and publicity” around his book deal & the requisite research into a conspiracy surrounding Foster’s death. He published his findings in 1997 under the title The Strange Death of Vincent Foster (pub. Simon & Schuster). Inside, he discusses mistakes & transgressions that occurred in the original investigations – in particular, alleged obstruction of justice by White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum – but stops short of positing an original theory on the circumstances surrounding Foster’s death. Interviews revealed his personal belief that some sort of cover-up took place, which involved moving Foster’s body from the (unknown) site of his death to the park where it was discovered.
Despite Ruddy’s disputed assertions, the Western Journalism Center “placed some 50 ads reprinting Ruddy’s [previous] Tribune-Review stories in the Washington Times in 1999; and then refashioned the Times articles into a $12 packet called simply The Ruddy Investigation.” Shortly thereafter, the Center “circulated a video featuring Ruddy’s claims, Unanswered: The Death of Vincent Foster, that was produced by James Davidson, chairman of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) and co-editor of the Strategic Investment newsletter.”

And then there’s THIS

A suicide note of sorts, actually a draft of a resignation letter, was found torn into 27 pieces in Foster’s briefcase after his death. One piece was missing, which contained Foster’s signature. The full text of the note was as follows:

“I made mistakes from ignorance, inexperience and overwork
I did not knowingly violate any law or standard of conduct
No one in The White House, to my knowledge, violated any law or standard of conduct, including any action in the travel office. There was no intent to benefit any individual or specific group
The FBI lied in their report to the AG
The press is covering up the illegal benefits they received from the travel staff
The GOP has lied and misrepresented its knowledge and role and covered up a prior investigation
The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive costs incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC
The public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons and their loyal staff
The WSJ editors lie without consequence
I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport”

Slow curtain “The End”?

Nope. Cue Robert Nelson!