Daily Archives: June 22, 2016

Yes folks, you heard it right. It wasn’t about ISIS. It wasn’t about fealty to “Radical Islam.” It was a bout a psychotic closet queen taking revenge on those he claimed had spurned him.

No surprise that the FBI has been trying it’s damndest to DOWNPLAY TEH GHEY


Yes we’ve come a long way. But not so long as to prevent a low-life like Howie Kurtz from criticizing Anderson Cooper from doing his job because Anderson is one of THEM.


We’ve come a long way from The Closet where Drumf “role model”


and Tattoo-enthusiast


found so cozy.

The Orlando Mass Murderer


tried and failed (two marriages –two) to retreat to it. But it didn’t work

And so he struck out at the Out and Proud


“The grave’s a fine and private place,

But none I think to there embrace”

goes the poem

And not all unhappy gay souls arm themselves to turn on those who’ve found gay happiness

Here’s Doris Day with a Rodgers and Hart song that speaks to Omar’s dilemma.