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Ross Asshat of the NYT thinks Hef is at the heart of Drumpf’s Dilemma

Much of what seems strange and reactionary about Trump is tied to what was normal to a certain kind of Sinatra and Mad Men-era man — the casual sexism, the odd mix of sleaziness and formality, even the insult-comic style

But there’s quite a considerable difference between the Chairman of the Board’s “Mia Period”


and John Hamm’s “Don Draper”


For one thing, “Don” is conversant in Frank O’Hara

But while that male culture was “conservative” in its exploitative attitudes toward women, it was itself in rebellion against bourgeois norms and Middle-American Christianity. And if Hillary is a (partial, given her complicated marriage) avatar of Gloria Steinem-era feminism, her opponent is an heir of the male revolutionary in whose club Steinem once went undercover: Hugh Hefner.


It was Hefner who fully embodied the male sexual revolt. Today he’s just a sleazy oldster, but in the beginning he was a faux philosopher, preaching a gospel cribbed from bohemia and various Freudian enemies of repression, in which the blessed pursuit of promiscuity was the human birthright. But really a male birthright, for a certain kind of man: The sort of hep cat who loved inviting the ladies back to his pad “for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex.”

Or Roman Polanski

Perhaps you’d prefer something more Sandra

But “The Donald” is no Tom

And truth to tell he’s no Hef either — though he may well be Cos’ (if the rape charge sticks)


Cue Cy Coleman