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Shocking? Here, let Ann Coulter Trumpsplain it all for you

Trump denied knowing that Serge was disabled, and demanded an apology, saying that anyone could see his imitation was of a flustered, frightened reporter, not a disabled person. It’s true that Trump was not mimicking any mannerisms that Serge has. He doesn’t jerk around or flail his arms. He’s not retarded. He sits calmly, but if you look at his wrists, you’ll see they are curved in. That’s not the imitation Trump was doing—he was doing a standard retard, waving his arms and sounding stupid: “’Ahhh, I don’t know what I said—ahhh, I don’t remember!’ He’s going, ‘Ahhh, I don’t remember, maybe that’s what I said!’”

See? It’s a Standard Retard — right out of Diane Arbus


There’s more Diane !



And don’t forget Tod Browning


who certainly would have considered casting Coulter


whose fixed stare is quite Arbus-like,

as is Kelleyanne’s


And then there’s Drumpf’s patented scowl


See Serge? Donald thinks cripples like you are destroying America. And he knows just what to do about them, too.

Cue Bruce Conner and Devo!