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It’s a sensitive issue for The Donald.

Trump’s obsession with weight carries some irony for a candidate who boasts about his unhealthy eating habits, dining regularly on McDonald’s hamburgers and buckets of KFC fried chicken on his private jet. By his own public accounting of his medical health, Trump is just five pounds shy of being considered obese under the body mass index.

A “Low-Ball” if there ever was one.

A Trump aide said that Dr. Oz, who often focuses on obesity, declared Mr. Trump “slightly overweight” at 236 pounds (although earlier reports, including an article in The New York Times, put his weight at 267 pounds).
Late last year, Mr. Trump’s doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, wrote an unusual, brief note that he later acknowledged to NBC was partly dictated by the candidate. In that note, Mr. Bornstein described Mr. Trump as in impeccable health, and also said that he had lost 15 pounds over the previous 12 months.

267 pounds? Yeah right. Just like his poolboy Chris


Cue Marc Shaiman