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“Happy families are all alike” Tolstoy said.

But there are some exceptions

Keith Lamont Scott hadn’t lived in his Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment complex for long.
But neighbors say he was the kind of man they got to know quickly.

They told The Charlotte Observer they’d see him walking through the neighborhood daily, with a cane and a book in his hand.
Yolanda Haskins said she often saw Scott sitting inside his truck, waiting in the shade for his son’s elementary school bus to arrive in the afternoon.
That’s what Scott’s family says the 43-year-old man was doing this week when a Charlotte police officer shot him dead.

Police say they were looking for someone with an outstanding warrant when Scott exited the vehicle with a gun and didn’t respond to officers’ orders to drop it — an explanation that his family disputes.
As authorities investigate, the shooting has sparked mounting protests in the city.
Scott was in a near-death motorcycle crash last year that left him disabled, family members said.
It’s something relatives and their attorneys have mentioned repeatedly since the shooting, but specific details are still emerging about the nature of Scott’s injuries.
In a cell phone video of the leadup to the shooting released by Scott’s family on Friday, his wife is heard shouting at police that her husband has a TBI, or traumatic brain injury.

It was murder.

State-sponsored murder

The “Crime”?

Breathing While Black

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