Daily Archives: October 20, 2016


So appropriate that the last “debate” took place in “Sin City”

De Niro”s “Ace Rothstein,” mob-owned casino-manager that he was, merited a degree of respect

Drumpf, who couldn’t make a success of running a Casino (just think about that for a nano, folks) is beneath contempt.

As we have all known for some time, The Election is Over which is why Drumpf characteristically said of what his reaction will be to the inevitable result

“Ill keep you in suspense OK?”

Hitchcock is the Master of Suspense, Donald.

And you’re going the way of Norman Lloyd in Saboteur

The villain Norman played was of course far more sympathetic than the likes of Donald and his Escort Entourage

Who’s the REAL “Nasty Girl” Donald? I say it’s Melanoma

As for those “Bad Hombres” you’re less=prepared than Fred C. Dobbs.

But let’s not be bitter.

Cue Elvis!