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Debbie was pregnant with Carrie when she made this matchless classic. “The Two hardest things I’ve ever done in my life were giving birth and Singin’ in the Rain


Carrie died two days ago — and now Debbie has followed her.


Back in 2014 I was assigned by The Hollywood Reporter to write a piece about Acapulco in the 1950s when it was still a glamorous Hollywood watering hole
There were pictures, such as this one of Debbie Reynolds, Bo Mathias and Celeste Holm


In its heyday, beginning in the late 1940s, it [Acapulco] was a preferred getaway for film’s marquee names, a place where Rita Hayworth celebrated her 28th birthday on Errol Flynn’s yacht, Elizabeth Taylor and producer Mike Todd married (with Debbie Reynolds as matron of honor and Eddie Fisher as best man) and a group of stars including Johnny Weissmuller and John Wayne bought and ran the Los Flamingos hotel as a private club.
Acapulco’s luster began to fade years before drug violence hit, as cruise lines brought mass tourism. But today, Reynolds has fond memories. She tells THR about going to Mexico City in 1952 with actress Celeste Holm to encourage film production in the country. “After that we went to Acapulco, because we wanted to,” she says. “It was beautiful, glorious — a real party-time place. I was just a kid then and had only done a few small roles. I clung to Celeste, who was really great. She took us off on surfboards, and it was lovely until we saw these fins in the water. She said, ‘Debbie get your whole body up on that board and head for shore!’ It was a close call. So you might say I left my heart in Acapulco, but I didn’t leave my legs!”

The Reporter wanted to know if Debbie had any comment. So I called her representative to get a quote. Imagine my surprise when after putting in my request Debbie herself called. What a great way tp start the New Year.

She was THE LIFE FORCE (Much strong that “The Force” in Star Wars ) We chatted for 15 minutes or so that are emblazoned on my soul.

She had visited Acapulco after making a splash in Two Weeks With Love

“Carp” is still with us, as is Singin’ in the Rain co-star Rita Moreno

As for Debbie — the melody lingers on