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Hey lookee here! Drumpf finally got a “Big Name” to perform at his coronation. A tad elderly but a “Name” (of sorts) nonetheless.

According to Radar Online, 75-year-old crooner Paul Anka will perform his most famous song, “My Way,” at Donald Trump’s inauguration, with the lyrics re-written for his long-time friend and incoming president. “Paul was asked by the members of the Trump inauguration committee and he was only too happy to do it for his longtime friend,” one insider told the tabloid outlet. The source indicated that Anka’s special version of the Frank Sinatra classic would be performed during the inaugural dance between Trump and his wife Melania Trump.

You mean like THIS?

Paul Anka used to be a “teen idol”

That famous “National Film Board of Canada” documentary inspired Peter Watkins to make Privilege

By choosing Anka, is Drumpf recalling his youth?

You’re not the only Lonely Boy, Donald.

And as we’ve learned your sure cure for loneliness is to –

As for “My Way” The Chairman of the Board had the big hit with it.

But here’s the best version –