Daily Archives: February 13, 2017

In no time whatsoever the “Mainstream Media” has decreed that the recent (and ongoing) Town Hall protests are exactly like the “Tea Party” dog and pony show of 2009


This aides and abets their incipient laziness and unwillingness to concede that there is an Active Left in this beleaguered country.

The “Tea Party” was bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers


and was direct expression of white racist outrage over a Black President


This hasn’t been lost on the So-Called President of The United States


who claims the Hillary Clinton votes who cast over two million more ballots for her than for him in the “Popular Vote” (which thanks to the rigged “Electoral College” doesn’t count ) were illegal aliens

“Alternate Facts” are no new thing in Republicanworld


But for Drumpf, “Fake News” is like Mother’s Milk.

Wod you like some in your Tea dear?

Take it away Nick!