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No, not that Prince — THIS one


Late because Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016 never made another dramatic film after Under the Cherry Moon just concert movies. Clearly it was a tough act to follow

While his first feature Purple Rain was set in his native Minneapolis and was more or less (mostly less) realistic, Under the Cherry Moon unfolded on the Riviera with Prince playing a gigolo out to seduce rich women, with Jerome Benton (of “The Time”) as his bromantic partner play gigolos in pursuit of rich women (Francesca Annis, Alexandra Stewart) They fall for the charms of a man whose resemblance to Cleo the goldfish in Disney’s Pinnochio I am not the first to make mention of. This time he’s the one that falls for the daughter of a gangster-like business man (Stephen Berkoff) played in her motion picture debut by none other that Kristin Scott-Thomas

Here’s Prince multi-tasking

Here’s Kristin dealing with him

That all this leads to a gaudy death scene ( having sung “I would die for you” Prince wants to show he means is) clearly indicates Prince knows Pepe le Moko. Hey I’ll bet it was by way of the John Berry version with Tony Martin.

But whatever pops your Cherry, Moon is one of the most fabulous bad movies ever made. How could it be not? Becky Johnston (Prince of Tides) scribbled the script, the great Richard Sylbert was production designer, the great Michael Ballhaus shot it (and according to the IMBD directed some of it) and it ends with Prince and The Revolution in Heaven> And that’s where Prince is now, one hopes. After all he was opposed to drugs

And yet he was felled by Fentanyl.

As Michael Stipe would say “O Life!”

Take It Away Kids!