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It’s taken a lot of years and lot of effort but Bill Cosby has FINALLY been convicted on three counts of sexual assault. And while he and his sleazeball lawyer Thomas Mesereau


are going to complain that the testimony of several of his other victims being allowed at trial was unfair, but what fixed his has was that the case was about a lesbian who obviously didn’t want to have sex with him.


Cosby-watchers also know that the case was about –


From the very start of his career Bill Cosby has been white America’s favorite lawn jockey.


Averse to acknowledging its racism in any way shape or form Bill Cosby was the answer to white America’s prayers; “Magic Negro” Supreme. His comedy was as mild as Melba Toast. Best of all he attacked other African-Americans for not measuring up to his Uncle Tom Toadying. No wonder “the Cosby Show” was Number One in the Reagan era.

But now Ol’ Bill is NUMBER TWO.

Will he stay out of prison? Perhaps. But in case he’s incarcerated be sure to send him a pound cake — with a file in it.

In tribute to Andrea Constant, Madge will sing us out