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Here’s where it all began


Now we’re ever-so-piously told, we must remember this — a kiss is not just a kiss

She told the Times that she did not say anything publicly because she just thought it was “how men act.” But she had just shared her story of sexual assault and felt Biden had failed to understand her need for boundaries, she said.

And apparently This is How Women Act. As soon as the signal for “outrage” is given, in the immortal words of Jimmy Durante “EVERYBODY WANTS TO GET INTO THE ACT!”

Seven Women Have Now Said Joe Biden Made Them Feel Uncomfortable With “Affectionate” Touching


Yes folks, Uncle Joe’s just like Mike Mazurki even though he thinks he’s –

We all know how this is going to end, don’t we now. Women will not be hired for first rate professions much less elected to office. After all, dear, we don’t want to make you uncomfortable

Or is “discomfort” a relative matter

As per usual Trump gets a pass because apologizing is a “sign of weakness” whereas pussy=grabbing is . . . . .a sign of strength? Make up your minds, bitches!