Because a high school girl’s parents refuse to discuss sex education (called “personal hygiene” in the film) with her, she gets pregnant by her boyfriend, who conveniently dies. Her parents are blamed, and the local sex education teacher uses this opportunity to show a film showing the dangers (and results) of VD and the birth of a baby.

So goes the IMDB description of Mom and Dad (1945). Written by Mildred Horn, wife of producer Kroger Babb — and author of several other Babb-produced “educational” sexploitation films. It was directed by William “one hot” Beaudine, hack supreme whose credits include Ghosts On The Loose (1943) with The Bowery Boys, Bela Lugosi and Ava Gardner.

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Mom and Dad (known as The Family Story in the United Kingdom) is a feature-length 1945 film directed by William Beaudine, and largely produced by the exploitation film maker and presenter Kroger Babb. Mom and Dad is considered the most successful film within its of “sex hygiene” films. Although it faced numerous legal challenges and was condemned by the National Legion of Decency, it became one of the highest-grossing films of the 1940s.
The film is regarded as an exploitation film as it was repackaged controversial content designed to establish an educational value that might circumvent U.S. censorship laws. Babb’s marketing of his film incorporated old-style medicine show techniques, and used unique promotions to build an audience. These formed a template for his later works, which were imitated by his contemporary filmmakers. In 2005, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. The Academy Film Archive preserved Mom and Dad in 2010

What the film has to offer is the sight of a woman’s vagina. This is something oddly rare. Even hardcore heterosexual porn places the vagina at a distance being (as Deep Throat shows so spectacularly) far more interested in a man’s penis.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2014) Martin Scorsese’s film about conman supreme Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCario) examined how this penny stockbroker defrauded investors in a massive 1990s securities scam that involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, serving 22 months in prison for his crimes. The screenplay by Terence Winter ( of Sopranos fame) based on Belfort’s novel is a variation of Scorsese’s other crime films, being in this instance an expose of “legitimate” malfeasance. But what has always stood out for me is Leonardo staring into Margaret Robbie’s vagina — which we never see up close as we do in Mom and Dad

It’s an object of Fear and Desire (Stanley Kubrick) or is it Fear and Loathing (Kiekegaard, Hunter S. Thompson, Terry Gilliam) ? So many straight men want it yet recoil at the though “I came out of THAT?” It’s a source of power for women, and therefore must be turned against them/ Traditionally women were owned by their fathers and sold to their husbands — marriage being a financial deal involving the sale of property.

Then came the fateful day women got the vote. Suffrage meant an end to one sort of suffering and the beginning of another. “Divorce” (especially of the “No Fault” variety) became another price. Soon women were in the work force.

“This is the story of the Female Jungle!” Indeed.

What’s going on across the country these days isn’t “The Best” of Anything for women. Since fathers and husbands no longer own them The State has decided to step in taking control of whatever goes in (Roy Moore) or comes out of their vaginas.
In the immortal words of Gloria Steinem


And now for all those beleaguered men out there — here’s Randy Newman

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