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He was born on August 25, 1918, and he will live as long as music is played — both his own and Gustav Mahler’s. Spielberg is planning an utterly unnecessary remake of West Side Story — which while lovely is not by a long-shot his best work. That would be Candide

It wasn’t always The Best of All Possible Worlds for Lenny, but it was damned close to it. I met him back when I attended Communist Martyrs High (aka. The High School of Music and Art) as our chorus (of which I was a member) was set to perform the Stravinsky arrangement of “The Star Spangles Banner” at the opening of the New York State. He hung out amongst us a bit and as we all knew he wa gay there was a lot of “Don’t get caught alone with him!” joking. I found him very sweet. But that was all “background chatter” back then. In the foreground of “Mainstream” Kulture he was scurrilously, relentlessly attacked — not for being gay, but for being a Liberal I wrote an article about this (The Trouble with Lenny, Gay City News December 24, 2013)

As always Lenny’s enemies were full of shit. He was full of talent — sometimes ven genius. And here’s an example. (Please note he wrote the lyrics as well as the music.)