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Larry's wedding

SOMETHING OF A SHOCK READING LARRY KRAMER’S NYT OBIT THIS MORNING I’ve always thought of Larry as “Too Mean To Die.” And by that I mean too resolute and dedicated to others. Here’s my favorite picture of him, holding a dying Vito in his arms.


His tireless dedication to AIDS crisis (which is not over). stemmed from his wildly sybaritic past.

young larry

Wasn’t he cute? And he had a ton of sex with tons of men — and as his novel “Faggots” shows he had his regrets about it. Yes he had fun, particularly with Richard Warwick

who he met while in the UK for the production of Women in Love starring the lovely Alan Bates

AIDS reconfigured everything for him. giving him a mission and turning him into a very different writer And a very different person

Larry and husband.

Larry has “Left the building.” But he’s not gone. He shall never go away.