Does this Mask and Gown Freak You Out?

It shouldn’t. We’re in the middle of a World-Wide COVID-19 Pandemic. People are dying by the thousands, and said deaths could be avoided if we all took simple precautions like wearing masks like that of the doctor seen above. But clerly there are many people who not only won’t do that they’ll attack you physically of you so much as suggest that they do.

Needless to say there’s a Major Disinformation Campaign behind this, begun by the usual suspects

And more recently exacerbated by this Total Whack Job

Don’t these Anti-Mask Hysterics know how festive masks can be?

Would it be asking too much to suggest you make arrangements of what’s tobe doen wit your corpse before you GO MASKLESS ?

“New Faces of 1952″ will sing us out.

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  1. worriedman August 2, 2020 3:57 pm 

    Shout out for Judex – Strange and unforgettable.
    Maurice Jare score-
    Franju was a badass!

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